Wilbert Burial Vaults of Terre Haute was purchased in 1957 by Charles Puttmann. After running the company for over a decade, the company was eventually passed on to his three sons. Since that time, Greg, Tim, and Brian Puttmann have been in control of the operations of Wilbert Burial Vaults of Terre Haute, Indiana. Together, they possess an unmatched level of experience, having grown up learning every aspect of the business.

Since that time, the company has been operating within 75 miles of Terre Haute in all directions. Since the company’s conception, Terre Haute Wilbert Burial Vaults has continued to offer the highest quality products from the most established national vault corporation in the United States of America. We tailor our service to reach the extremely high standards set by Wilbert Burial Vaults throughoutt the country.

We have been working for over seventy years with many funeral directors in Indiana and Illinois. We continually ask for feedback, and thus continue to develop and learn about the needs of families and funeral homes through the area. Our service to the people we provide it is our number one priority. We cultivate relationshipS and expand our breadth of knowledge in this regard.